New Green Tea at Leaves of Cha: Hui Long Cha

Hui Long Zhai is in the western part of Bao Shan Prefecture on the borders with Myanmar, so it is no surprise that the Assamica cultivar is grown there. Using it for green tea is a delicious and intriguing surprise. The region is mountainous and contains peaks up to 3000m. This tea comes from a garden at 2000m, and the relatively cool weather leads to a late first flush from the tea plants. The short but hot wok firing gives this tea a delightful aroma that combines well with the more astringent and stimulating mouth-feel of this Yunnan green tea.


  • Origin: Hui Long Zhai Village, Teng Chong county, Bao Shan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China
  • Grower/Teamaster: Ji Dong Li
  • Elevation: 2000 meters
  • Harvest Date: Spring 2015
  • Cultivar: Camellia Sinensis Assamica
  • Cultivation: Natural (Organic, not certification)
  • Plucking Standard: single leaf from first two leaves below buds, 15% bud
  • Processing Notes:  picking, frying, rolling, wilting briefly, drying in wok by hand, roasting in oven
  • Nickname: Hui Long cha

Tasting Notes:

  • Stimulating and astringent mouth-feel with nutty and vegetal notes.