Spring Cleaning Sale!!!

Check the <Sale> tag for all the teas on sale


It's almost the solstice and I'm just getting my Tea Spring Cleaning done. Not surprising what with a pandemic and massive civil uprising against systemic oppression in the United States of America. There are a lot of distractions. But directly related to tea, the crash in domestic flights between Asia and the United States has significantly impacted shipping rates and times. So as I wait for the new tea shipments, I'm making room.

There are a number of teas on sale, mostly green but some others mixed in as well. To make it easy, I discounted on the website instead of troubling you with a discount code. You can find the sale teas by using the <Sale> tag to search and I've tried to make it obvious by including "SALE!!!" in the heading for those teas. You can also directly link from the list below: Quantities are limited, of course! Most of these will be or have been restocked at their regular market price, so if you miss out on the sale, check the regular priced items.
I hope this email finds you safe and healthy with a cup of wonderful tea always at your side.