Back in civilization and ready for the Fall Tea Season!

Thanks for your patience and cooperation in allowing me to be of service at Not Back to School Camp!

I'm back in civilization, on the grid, and energized from staffing another amazing session at Not Back to School Camp in Myrtle Creek Oregon. Thanks to everyone that took advantage of the sale incentive to order before I left so I could take care of your tea needs before I left. And all order backlog from my absence was taken care of within a day of my return. Again, being of service to my community is so important to me and I appreciate the support you all give me to sustain Leaves of Cha in a way that allows me to realize my intention there.

It was another great session that also yielded some good tea-related pictures for my social media feeds. Hopefully you saw them. If not, I've included a couple of them here. One of the highlights of camp for me is the workshops I get to run. My tea workshops are always overfilled with appreciative and inquisitive teenagers who are generally interested in learning about tea and how to drink it in a socially conscious way. I love that I'm helping to spread tea culture to a new generation of tea lovers.

Look for some new tea announcements and news soon!