Welcome to Leaves of Cha!

Welcome to Leaves of Cha! Where you can find real tea made by real people that you can think about and thank whenever you take a sip of their delightful creations. That’s the whole point for me: connecting you, the drinker, with an artist, the teamaker or grower.

So much of the tea we drink has no one’s name or face connected to it. It just has a corporation or company’s name attached to it. Much of the $40B+ tea industry is commodity tea and I suppose that tea doesn’t need a name attached to it. Sometimes you are just grabbing lunch at the closest spot near your job and want some iced tea. You can live with a corporate commodity brewed iced tea. Maybe you just shredded the top of Mammoth Mountain in a stormy whiteout and now you're coming into the lodge to defrost. Odds are your tea choices will be the same as what you could buy in the supermarket or big box discount store. And that’s OK, I suppose. Your main focus is warming up.

But the simplicity of tea is a huge attraction to me. Hot water. Tea. A cup. Maybe an infuser. That means I can drink Mr. Li’s handmade puerh in the lodge at Mammoth. I can drink the Zhu’s authentic West Lake Long Jing at my desk at work after I get back from lunch. Or cold-brew the Nath Brother’s handmade Assam while I’m off-the grid at camp in the woods of Oregon. If you’re a tea scientist or you’re just not ready to free-brew it yet, check out the Starter Kit to get you going. Everything you need to get started drinking tea with provenance. Know Your Tea! I hope you make some new friends here.