Jasmine Floating Flower

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This jasmine green tea was too beautiful and delicious to pass up even though the Leaves of Cha tea chest is primarily filled with straight teas. This delicate and aromatic blend is produced in the traditional way using just jasmine flowers.


  • Origin: Wu Jia Village, Yun Xian county, Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan (Jasmine flowers: Wen Shan area)
  • Grower/Teamaster: Mr. Yang
  • Elevation: 1650 meters
  • Harvest Date: April 10th 2023
  • Cultivar: Yun Kang Bi Luo Chun (cross of Bi Luo Chun and Assamica)
  • Cultivation: Natural, no pesticides
  • Plucking Standard: Bud Pluck
  • Processing Notes:  Jasmine flowers are steamed underneath the finished tea leaves, then fresh jasmine Flowers are mixed in for additional fragrance and beauty
  • Nickname: Jasmine Floating Flower
  • History/Pedigree: Yun Kang Bi Luo Chun varietal was first developed in 1992 by the Yunnan Tea Research Institute.       Cultivation was encouraged for more than a decade before it gained popularity as a finer green tea cultivar.

Brewing Suggestions1:

  • Water: 170-180˚F
  • Tea: 2g per 4oz of water (about a rounded 2 tsp2)
  • Infusion: 2 minutes for 2-3 infusions

Tasting Notes:

  • Incredible jasmine aroma that balances out in the cup to wonderful pair with the umami and vegetative notes of the green tea; all enhanced by the beauty of the jasmine flowers left in the tea leaves. Jasmine notes will be most prominent on first infusion.

1 Brewing suggestions are just that. Try it the suggested way then experiment to see how you like it most. Some tea drinkers like to use slightly hotter and longer times for each subsequent infusion.

2 Weighing your tea is always the best way to control your dosage. I provide approximate volume measures for convenience but they can be problematic due to the variance in tea leaf shape and size. It’s best to use the single appropriate volume measure for the tea, i.e., don’t try to measure 1.5TB using two spoons meant to measure 1 TB and a ½ TB. Use an actual 1.5 TB measuring spoon. Yes, they make them! I like the oblong ones to handle longer leaf styles.

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