Pour-Through Tea Maker

$ 30.00

Pour-through Tea Makers are an easy, simple way to make your tea. This tea steeper will allow you to brew your tea with little effort and no mess. Place your tea leaves in the top of the Tea Maker, let your tea steep, then simply place on top of your mug and push down. While pushing down, the tea will pour directly into your cup from the bottom of the Tea Maker! As soon as you remove it from the cup, the tea stops pouring. The Tea Maker is made from BPA free, food safe Tritan plastic. The filter is removable for easy, thorough cleaning.

This Tea Maker may be the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy loose leaf tea in all it's aesthetic glory. The clear plastic allows you to see the tea open up as it brews, is perfect for multiple infusions, and is easily rinsed out with water. While I often use traditional tea ware, when I'm doing a tea workshop where I need to get through a lot of teas I often use this Tea Maker.


  • 525ml/17.7 fl. oz

  • BPA free, food safe Tritan plastic

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