Heidi Kreitchet Handmade Tea Cup HKTC5

$ 50.00

This beautiful teacup was made by Pomona CA artist Heidi Kreitchet. While she leans predominantly towards wood-fired cups, this is a beautiful example of one of her gas-fired pieces.  Note: the cup and tray are purchased separately; to order with the tray please select that option in the pull-down menu.

Tea Cup

  • Capacity: 7oz/210ml
  • Firing:
  • Clay:
  • Glaze:
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe (but I hand-wash mine!)

Tray (Optional)

  • African mahogany
  • Artist's Mark

Note: This is a hand-made item and thus may exhibit all of the perfections and imperfections of a one-of-a-kind handmade cup. While I do my best to photograph the piece in a way that best represents it, please be aware that colors can look different on different computer screens. If you would like more pictures or information, please contact us.

About the Artists:

Heidi Kreitchet

Heidi's passion for wood-fired ceramics led her to degrees at the two pre-eminent programs in the country: Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ and Utah State University in Logan, Utah. She has directed the American Museum of Ceramic Arts' (AMOCA) Ceramic studio in Pomona, California since 2011. Her muse mainly leads her towards hand-building intriguing, abstract pieces. But tea bowls are the one form that she throws on a wheel, as the aesthetic speaks to her in a way that draws her back again and again. As lovers of tea and tea ware, we should be very happy about that.


Larry White

Larry’s art career has spanned nearly 45 years. Although primarily known as a craftsman working with Sam Maloof for 27 years, he’s also exhibited work in other media, including ceramic sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media. I love his Artist's Statement: "I like to think of art as a place of convergence, where the intuitive thoughtfulness, and creative energy of the maker merges with the personal history and psyche of the observer. I believe this interaction is catalytic in the evolution of culture, mind and spirit." This pairing of his wood-sense with Heidi's ceramics is a great illustration of that statement.

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