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Making and drinking tea is a beautiful thing. And you can make it as beautiful as you want. First you need beautiful teas. Then you might want beautiful teaware. This can be taken as far as you want. The Japanese have taken it to aesthetic and spiritual heights with chanoyu. The chinese gongfu ceriemony is another highly ritualized and beautiful ceremony to behold or participate in. Most cultures that have a long history of tea usage also have their version of a tea ceremony.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, even making your everyday tea can be aesthetically pleasing and allow you 1-5 minutes of infusion-induced "meditation" while you wait for your tea to steep. Using beautiful and well crafted teaware can add to your tea experience.

So here I will feature some of the unique, handmade teaware that I run across and want to bring to you. Like the tea on this website, these unique items will allow you to be connected to the person who put their heart and art into the making. Drink that first cup to them for creating the art you are drinking from...