Leaves of Cha Starter Kit

$ 97.95

Everything you need to start enjoying Leaves of Cha tea as soon as it arrives at your door. An awesome Kettle and a versatile mug with basket infuser. Just add the tea, or teas, of your choice and you will be ready to brew amazing tea.

I have to admit I'm a bit left-brained, so I like directions (although I'm not great at reading them) and I like to follow them the first 50 times. Then I'm confident enough to wing it. That's why I love this tea kettle so. I wake up, dial it in to 195 for my morning black, then down to 165˚ or 175˚ for my late-morning greens, and then maybe back up to 205˚ for an afternoon puerh. In fact, I'll probably write a blog post at some point about how much easier my tea habit is with this kettle. It even has some non-tea applications that I'll leave for the blog post.

So, if you're intimidated at all by all the different tea infusion temperatures, or you are a stickler for details, or you just don't want to have to think about it, this starter kit is for you. Makes a great gift too! Especially if you're worried the recipient might otherwise mistreat your generous gift of authentic Long Jing!

Put a tea of your choice in your cart with this kit and enter the discount code STARTERKITANDTEA to get a nice package deal!

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