Digital Kettle Pro

$ 69.95

This is the best kettle I’ve seen yet for high-end artisanal teas. The digital display can be set to any temperature between 104˚ and 212˚. You can choose whether it goes straight up to that temperature (knowing your water is good) or if you want it to bring it to a boil and then come down to your temperature setting (not being sure about your water). The kettle will then hold the water at that temperature. So it is perfect for doing multiple infusions!

I’ve taken this kettle on the road for tea workshops and long trips and it has been awesome.

  • Digital display to monitor the temperature
  • Set your desired temperature for water
  • Maintain your desired temperature
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • 90 days limited manufacturer warranty
  • Capacity 50 Oz

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