Mark Foster Handmade Gaiwan MFG2

$ 60.00

Gaiwans are literally covered cups that are used for infusing loose teas. Functional, efficient, and easy to clean, they are a very common brewing vessel for gong fu style tea but work just as well for western style brewing. They were developed during the Ming dynasty. Gaiwans are great tools to have in your brewing arsenal and a great way to expand your appreciation of tea.

This dark stoneware gaiwan has a two tone appearance due to the contrast of unglazed exterior surfaces with white clay hakeme style swipes of white clay with a clear glaze.

Click here for a beautiful matching pitcher and/or teacup.


  • Capacity: 4 oz/ 120 ml
  • Firing: Oxidation fired to Cone 6 in an L&L Electric Kiln
  • Clay: Dark stoneware with swipes of white clay
  • Glaze: Clear glaze on interior surfaces and top of saucer
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. But I recommend  hand wash. NOT microwave safe due to unglazed clay surfaces

Note: This is a hand-made item and thus may exhibit all of the perfections and imperfections of a one-of-a-kind handmade cup. While I do my best to photograph the piece in a way that best represents it, please be aware that colors can look different on different computer screens. If you would like more pictures or information, please contact us.

About the Artist:

Mark Foster/Happy Cat Pottery

Mark's work is heavily influenced by tea. That is, it best exists in the moment; sharing a cup of tea with others can provide a reprieve by dissolving basic social expectations and structures. Tea is a means by which to make connections, with life, nature, and those around us. I hope that my work brings others to find their own tea practice. Each piece is derived from function and form, and balances between a modern, distracting, clean aesthetic and traditional Asian techniques and designs.

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